External events

Explore external events, conferences, webinars and workshops available from organizations and institutions engaged in online and blended learning.

BC Campus events

You can find and register for external courses and events given through BCCampus.

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) Synchronous Sandbox Sessions in Zoom

A safe space for Zoom beginners, this workshop offers a chance to practice creating breakout rooms, screen sharing and other hosting functions within Zoom.

Register at BCCampus.

Pulling Together Curriculum Developers

This two-part series will assist you in understanding from an Indigenous perspective how to best use the curriculum developers’ Pulling Together guide in your design, development, review, and adaptation of pedagogy for your courses. These sessions are intended to support systemic change occurring across post-secondary institutions.

Register at BCCampus.

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourse – Open Options to Enrich your Career

Feeling dull and worn out as you tread your career path? Perhaps you’re experiencing the erosive qualities of credential creep or ageism? Join us as we explore the amazing diversity of open options to enhance your career and broaden your perspectives. This short week-long course helps you think about your future professional or personal development in a new and reinvigorated way. You'll share experiences, explore open resources and activities that you can use to develop your knowledge and skills, deepen or diversify your experience, and craft a new plan for the future.

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There are many conferences you can attend virtually or in person. Clayton R. Wright maintains an excellent international conference list of Educational Technology & Education Conferences.

You'll want to exercise your own due diligence about which conferences you may want to attend or submit a paper to.

We suggest you assure yourself that the conference is legitimate by checking its website for credible information:

  • dates and locations
  • conference organizers
  • conference sponsors
  • fees
  • submission dates
  • editorial committee
  • program and venue details

If you're not certain whether a conference is legitimate, consider using the Think, Check, Attend tool to confirm its academic credentials.