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Entertainment, Food & Leisure in SingaporeEntertainment, Food & Leisure in SingaporeEntertainment, Food & Leisure in Singapore

Singapore may be small, but it is a city of its own. Learn about what people in Singapore do for leisure. Best of all, we have compiled our own list of clubbing, night spots, dining and  eating places, golf courses, places of interest and shopping malls in Singapore.

With so many places for leisure and entertainment, you will never get bored in Singapore.

Activities for Children

Activities for ChildrenAppropriate activities are important to help a child’s growth and learning development, and helps teach them about their world.

Buffets in Singapore

buffetss in SingaporeListings of Singapore buffets in hotels and restaurants, includes price, address & number.

Clubbing in Singapore

Clubbing in SingaporeInformation and guides on clubbing, partying, pubbing and night spots in Singapore, includes famous bars, discos, pubs.

Eating in Singapore

Eating in SingaporeInformation and guides on Singapore food, includes buffetss, coffee shop, hawker centers, restaurants & supper place.

Food Review

Healthcare in SingaporeFood Review, rating and summary of restaurants by Singapore Expats.

Golf & Country Clubs

Golf & Country ClubsInformation and listings of golf courses, golfing and country clubs.

Places of Interest

Information on places of interest like Singapore Zoo, bird park, Sentosa & other famous attractions & landmarks.

Restaurants in Singapore

Restaurants in SingaporeRestaurants listing in Singapore, includes address, contact number, type of cuisine.

Shopping in Singapore

Shopping in SingaporeInformation on shopping, shopping malls in Singapore and shopping area like Orchard, Marina, Suntec City, Little India and Chinatown.

Social Clubs

Social ClubsInformation and Listings of Social Clubs and International Association Clubs like The American Club, British Club and Hollandse Club.


SportsInformation and listings on sports like gyms, swimming, tennis, squash in Singapore.

The Wine Review

The Wine reviews by Mr Ch'ng Poh Tiong, publisher and famous author for wine articles.

Wine Shops

Comprehensive list of Wine Shops and Wine Merchants in Singapore.

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Re: PR approval probability 2020

40% chance as best guess.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: PR questions: base salary, gross salary

A joining award should not be considered as part of your gross Salary as it's not really salary at all but an enticement for joining the company and not for work performed.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: Starting a dropshipping business in Singapore - advice needed

I believe you will also incur a tax liability there as well, both State and Federal Taxes as well as a tax liability to Singapore because you are actually working from Singapore. Also, be advised there is no tax reciprocity between Singapore and the US so you will be paying at least double taxation .....

Posted in Business in Singapore

Re: PR approval probability 2020


I have applied Jan 2020 for the first time. Its in pending state.
Just want to check your view on any possibility

Age: 34
Work : IT (cloud infra)
Position: senior engg
Work exp: 14 yrs
In SNG: 5 yrs
Salary : 77k
Married : 5 years
Wife age: 32
Work : No
Kids: 5 yr boy.. 2 yr girl

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: PR questions: base salary, gross salary

Thanks for the reply.
Bonus is NOT variable but fixed type. It is a one time cash award that was given to me at the time of joining.
Also, PR application form ask gross salary monthly and not annually.

Posted in General Discussions