MacLeod on micro-credentials

Dr. Zo? MacLeod

Dr. Zo? MacLeod, associate vice-president of RRU’s Profesional and Continuing Studies, published an article at CareerWise about the benefits of micro-credentials for job seekers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Micro-credentials are a relatively new learning option that focus on acquiring practical knowledge and skills. They are short, focused educational experiences that can provide a certification or skills for someone in their chosen field of work — or a field they want to go into. It could be as specific as a technical skill they need for an ever-evolving job in a digital world or a wider competency (e.g. leadership and management) that could serve a client as they progress professionally.

CICan (Colleges & Institutes Canada) defines micro-credentials as “a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification.”

And if one micro-credential isn’t enough, a jobseeker can stack several so they have a variety of complementary skills that may add up to a certification or credential. This equips them with a broad suite of competencies, rather than simply academic outcomes, to help propel them professionally.


The principle behind micro-credentials is simple: Learn it today, apply it tomorrow. Simple, yes, but that learning can be life-changing.

In a fluid and evolving job market, credentials or certifications earned 10 or 20 years ago don’t carry the same weight they once did. But micro-credentials address employers’ current needs while breaking down a common hiring bias that says the person being hired must have the same experience and qualifications as the person doing the hiring.

Read the full article at CareerWise.