Johanna Wolf

Associate faculty

Environment & Sustainability

Johanna Wolf is an environmental social scientist with interdisciplinary training at the intersection of human geography and environmental studies. She is interested in how individuals and societies understand and respond to environmental change. Her research examines the human dimensions of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation. She contributes to literature on adaptation to climate change, environmental risk perception, environmental policy and environmental citizenship. Prior to coming to Royal Roads, Wolf was a post-doctoral fellow at the Labrador Institute of Memorial University (Goose Bay, Labrador), senior science coordinator of the Global Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS) project (University of Oslo), and senior research associate at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (University of East Anglia, UK). Wolf lives in Victoria with her husband and two daughters and together they spend as much time outside as possible.



Wolf's interest in global environmental change began as an intern and later consultant with the UNFCCC secretariat (Bonn, Germany). She has since consulted for the science communication NGO SciDev.Net (London, UK), and ActionAid International. Wolf has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Memorial and Royal Roads on global environmental change, sustainability, and environmental management. In the Climate Action Leadership program, Wolf teaches climate risk management.

Her award-winning research has been published in leading international journals, including?Global Environmental Change,?Climatic Change,?Environmental Politics, and?Environment and Planning A. In 2013, she co-edited a volume titled?A Changing Environment for Human Security: Transformative Approaches to Research, Policy and Action, published by Routledge.




PhD in International Development

University of East Anglia, UK

MSc in International Development

University of East Anglia, UK

BSc in Environmental Science

Royal Roads University


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