Research ethics review

If your research involves data collected from human participants, the Research Ethics Board will need to review it.

Research includes theses, course assignments, and major projects or other endeavours of systematic inquiry. You can't begin research involving human participants until the review has been approved.

Research ethics policy

Find guidelines in the research ethics policy to identify research that requires ethical review.

This policy applies to research and scholarship conducted by all faculty, staff, research associates, research assistants, visiting scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, regardless of the present source of their salary or stipend.

In addition, the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost needs to approve any research projects, which seek to use Royal Roads as a site of investigation, according to the research projects using Royal Roads University policy.

Research during COVID-19

As long as Canada has measures in place for physical or social distancing and staying at home, all forms of data gathering for research and projects that involve physical or social interaction, such as focus groups and face-to-face interviews and other forms of in-person research, should not proceed.

Instead, student researchers should use other data gathering methods, such as telephone, online surveys and email, among others. In rare cases a request for exemption from student research during COVID-19 restrictions may be considered.

Request an ethical review

To have your research project reviewed by the Research Ethics Board complete the request for ethical review form.

Faculty and staff

Email us your completed form. Allow four weeks for the Research Ethics Board's decision.


Send your completed form to your academic supervisor, who will submit it to the Research Ethics Board. Allow four weeks for the Board's decision.


Faculty and staff


Other types of research

Research involving radioactive materials, biohazards or other hazardous materials is typically not undertaken at Royal Roads.

Research involving animals cannot be carried out under the auspices of Royal Roads, unless the research is reviewed by an animal care committee from an organization that holds a Certificate of Good Animal Practice from the Canadian Council on Animal Care. If you're planning to undertake this type of research?email us for more information.

Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board includes the following members:

  • Dr. Niels Agger-Gupta, School of Leadership Studies
  • Asmanahi Antoine, Indigenous Education and Student Services
  • Dr. Mary Bernard, College of Interdisciplinary Studies, REB Chair
  • Dr. Kathy Bishop, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Runa Das, College of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Dr. Catherine Etmanski, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Heather Hachigian, School of Business
  • Dr. Doug Hamilton, School of Education and Technology
  • Dr. Brigitte Harris, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Cheryl Heykoop, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. William Holmes, Faculty of Management
  • Dr. Myer Horowitz OC, External Member
  • Dr. Marnie Jull, School of Humanitarian Studies
  • Dr. Leslie King, School of Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr. Rick Kool, School of Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr. Hilary Leighton, School of Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr. Deb Linehan, School of Business
  • Dr. Wanda Krause, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Mark Lokanan, Faculty of Management
  • Dr. Kathleen Manion, School of Humanitarian Studies
  • Dr. Pedro Márquez, International, Marketing and Business Development
  • Dr. Wendy Rowe, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Phillip Vannini, School of Communication and Culture
  • Dr. George Velestianos, School of Education and Technology
  • Dr. Hassan Wafai, School of Business
  • Dr. Dennis Wong, Asia Academic Director, International Programs